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Chiropractic Care For Baby?

Babies can't tell us how they're feeling, so it's up to us to know when something is off. Here are 6 signs that your baby needs an adjustment!

1.) Your baby was just born! Birth is stressful on both Mom and Baby! Each contraction that we feel, baby feels too. A study showed that 90% of babies are born with spinal misalignments. Taking care of misalignments early on, will set your baby up for a healthy future!

2.) Your baby is not latching well. Breastfeeding should not be painful! If baby has limited mobility in the cranium, neck or jaw, it can make eating difficult. Let's fix that!

3.) Your baby always keeps their head facing the same direction. Sometimes babies are born with tension throughout the body that causes them to favor looking one direction. This can lead to postural issues and milestone delays, as well as a flat spot on the side of the head.

4.) Your baby is "colicky" or just uncomfortable and hard to settle. Babies feel discomfort too! If there is tension in the body, your baby will tell you by being extra fussy and crying a lot.

5) Your baby can't poop, or has excessive gas pains. When there is too much spinal interference, the neurological signal to their digestive tract can be impacted. By having your baby adjusted, we can remove this pressure and allow the nerves to function optimally, leading to easier digestion!

6.) You want your baby to meet milestones, fight off illness easily and sleep well. Wellness care is one of the best things we can offer for your family! Having your family checked by a chiropractor routinely keeps the spine and nervous system functioning optimally, allowing all of the body systems to operate 100% too!

Flourish Family Chiropractic

Address: 780 Clear Lake City Blvd Suite 1A, Webster, TX 77598

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